Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Improve Shape and Symmetry

Implants are used to create fullness, and improve symmetry and shape.

Patient Story: Breast Augmentation, and other procedures

Procedure time

Procedure time

60-90 min



None - Day Case



No Gym 6 Weeks




Full Recovery

Full Recovery

6 Weeks


  • Breast size, shape and sag
  • Breast volume loss and tone
  • Breast skin, large areolas and nipple position


Implants are placed via a 3-4cm incision on the mammary fold, with the implant placed either under the breast gland or muscle. The choice depends on the pinch test during examination and presence of breast tissue on the upper part of the breast. 

We often carry out Breast Augmentation at the same time as a breast lift, resulting in fuller, correctly positioned breasts.


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JOY® by Motiva®

Next Generation Implant Design

Ergonomix2® is the latest innovation from Motiva Implants. Its state-of-the-art design introduces improved mechanical and safety properties through innovations like Motiva SuperSilicones®, TrueMonobloc+® and BluSeal+®, that work together with the signature Motiva safety features: SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®, ProgressiveGel Ultima®, and Qid® RFID- enabled implant.

 An Implant Designed to Feel Like You

Applying the latest implant technology, Ergonomix2 is designed to resemble natural breast tissue movement and shape. This is the natural looking and feeling solution you’ve been searching for in your breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

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Keller Funnel Implant Method


Using Keller Funnel to insert the implant. Advantages are smaller incision and hands-free insertion which can reduce the chance of infection. 


Will implants interfere with breast screening?

The mammogram angle would be slightly different in ladies with breast implants. It hasn’t been shown that implant delays cancer diagnosis.

How can I choose the implant size?

The decision can be made after physical examination and trying different sizes. It is important to realise that the same size implant can look completely different amongst individuals.

Can the nipple sensation change?

Yes, there is a chance of change in nipple sensation, but it is pretty small. In most cases the sensation remains unchanged.

How do I choose my new size?

This is often one of the most difficult decisions, and for many reasons, has the most potential for disappointment. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will work with you to identify what size of breast you desire from augmentation. "Breast size" as measured by bra-size is variable and is often not a good way to measure final size. As a general rule, every 125-150cc of implant volume equals an increase in a single cup size. However, every patient's body is different. By working with your surgeon and their clinical team, you can set obtainable and healthy expectations together. It is helpful for you to bring in a bra the size you would like to be to help in finding the right sized implant for you.

Do I need to wear a bra after the surgery?

Yes, it does protect the breasts and prevent ‘saggy-ness’.

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